TabFile System

Typical Services Provided
  • Accounts Payable; tracking and/or processing
  • Accounts Receivable; tracking and/or processing
  • Financial Statements; prepared monthly
  • Annual/Quarterly/Monthly Comparison Reports
  • Payroll Administration; complete or partial, including T4 & ROE preparation
  • Government Remittances; Prepare & File regular payroll deductions, WSIB, and HST returns
  • Fiscal Year-End preparations; for accountants and auditors
  • Government Audits; provide the office space & facilitate
  • Daily delivery and pick-up services.

We will customize our service to best suit your needs.

Software Options Provided


Using a Desktop software that resides on our internal server, we will implement a streamlined bookkeeping process that uses your preferred accounting software (Sage/Simply Accounting or Intuit/QuickBooks) to create and maintain your books from our office. You will receive regular reports and can call anytime to get more detail. This is a good option if you do not need access to the accounting software in your regular business operations. Best of all, you will not need to worry about purchasing and continuously renewing the software, Tabworks charges a low annual software fee that ensures all of our clients have affordable access to the most up-to-date accounting software.


Using an Online software that resides ‘In the Cloud’, your Tabworks bookkeepers will combine the same streamlined bookkeeping processes you would expect, with the most established and advanced cloud accounting software available (Sage One, QuickBooks Online, Wave Accounting). If you wish to access the accounting software in your regular business operations, then this may be a great option for you. Whatever your level of bookkeeping involvement, you will have real-time access – anytime, anywhere – to your books and financial reports.

Let’s Talk

Is your business a start up?  Is it in transition?  Do you have concerns about cash flow?  Each business or individual has unique and specific reasons why they require consulting services.  Whatever the reason, we offer support and guidance that helps steady you and your business through unfamiliar waters!

Topics often covered in a consulting appointment are:

  • Cash Flow assistance
  • Quarterly or Bi-annual reviews
  • Budget creation and integration
  • Business start-up
  • Accounting software set-up

Tabatha Consulting with a gnome

An Easy-to-Use Organizational System

TabFile is our very own step-by-step organizational system that encourages you to sort, file and keep track of your paperwork while a portion of it is being processed at our office. When used properly, this easy-to-use system empowers you in the bookkeeping process and offers tremendous intrinsic benefits such as:

  • Eliminating most CRA income tax and HST return audit issues
  • A potential increase in lending approval rating from banks and other lenders
  • Keeping you better informed about your business’ financial position
  • Saving you money on your Tabworks bill!

The TabFile on a desk.